ideas for the purpose of ubuntu-ca

Ryan Thiessen ryanthiessen at
Sun Jan 22 23:18:18 UTC 2006

Obviously ubuntu-ca hasn't got a lot of traction thus far compared
with lots of the other localization groups.  I think this is in great
part because of a couple reasons: English language Canadians don't
really have an obvious need for translating wiki pages and howtos like
other language groups do; and French language Canadians have been
involved with the group in France and now perhaps the group in Quebec.
 It is of course helpful to translate applications into Canadian
English, but those are very often done at the gnome (and probably kde
too) level and not necessarily at the Ubuntu level.

It has been proposed here that we start a project to try to get some
of Canada's minority languages like Inuktitut into Ubuntu, but without
someone from that community excited in that project it is likely far
too ambitious for our little group which has yet to really get moving.
 I suggest that instead we refocus on providing help for Canada
specific items in a couple of ways.  Perhaps when we have some
accomplishments under our belt we can then try something more

One important way might be to create guides that help Ubuntu users in
Canada configure Ubuntu for the Networking services available in
Canada.  Some ISPs are really bad about explaining how to connect
non-outlook clients for email, which probably confuses a lot of
Evolution users.  A nice guide (perhaps even with screenshots) for
various large canadian ISPs would be really helpful for a newcomer to
Ubuntu in Canada, and we are in a good position to provide that
information.  The same could apply to connecting cellphones to your
laptop which can be a frustrating process and often very

Another idea that might be useful for Canadian Ubuntu users are links
to Linux (and hopefully Ubuntu) friendly services in Canada.  There
are shops in Canada that sell computers preinstalled with Linux, and
others that sell machines that are sold without Windows.  Making that
information available would probably be helpful to someone starting
out who wants something to Just Work instead of fiddling with hardware
configuration issues as sometimes happens with proprietary hardware

And lastly (from what I can think of), a list of links to help
translate applications and other Ubuntu related information into
Canadian English would be great to have in one place -- not for
newcomers this time but for people perhaps on this list who would be
able to contribute in this effort but right know don't know where to

I humbly suggest that when possible all of the content go to the main
Ubuntu wiki, and that a Ubuntu Canada website instead of replicating
that information simply categorizes and links to that information .

Anyhow, that is my idea.  Thoughts, suggestions?


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