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Tue Jan 17 04:06:40 UTC 2006

Nicolas Kassis wrote:

> Kate wrote:
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> >Hi ?
> >I?m trying to get wireless to work on my laptop. I have ubuntu
> >breezy badger. My laptop is a Dell Latitude D600. I did find one
> >website that explained how to configure wireless, but the problem
> >was that it asked for a WEP key. My laptop belongs to a
> >university, and the user support center here says they don?t have a
> >WEP key for ubuntu. Does anybody know how to go about getting
> >wireless? Thanks!!
> >Kate
> You don't need to enter any wep key. Basically a wep key is used to
> secure your wireless connection. Unless the access point you are using
> is encrypted you don't need to enter one.
> Nic

Also all you need to do is make sure the essid is the correct one. You
should be able to select it from the drop down list.


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