Backward Compatability?

crazydoode at crazydoode at
Sun Dec 31 17:20:42 UTC 2006

Alfred, the definitive answer is: maybe. 

The kernels are different, the compiler is different, the libraries are 
different. It really depends on the program. If it's a simple "Hello world", 
than yes they could be forced and still work, it's its a more complicated 
program such as a game, word processor or anything else that requires a 
specific version of libGTK, or any of the other hundreds of libs 
in /usr/lib, /lib, /usr/local/lib, etc, etc.. then no, the program will 
probably fail. 

Hope this helped.


On Saturday 30 December 2006 19:18, Alfred wrote:
> Hi: I have a number of DVDs of all the software on LTS 6.06-1
> Repositories. Is this software backwards compatible with Ubuntu 5.10?
> Or do I need to download software made for 5.10, separately. I have a
> very slow Internet Connection. It takes hours just to download one
> program, of moderate size.
> Alfred!

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