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That seems a little scary.  Is it really that easy to get passwords?


On 12/20/06, Peter Nearing <pnearing at gmail.com> wrote:
> Don,
>         It is possible to get login name from the computer with out
> reinstalling the OS.  What you would have to do is reboot into single user
> mode, Ubuntu calls it something else, like safe mode or something, however
> what that will do is give you a text mode root prompt.  From there you would
> cat the /etc/passwd file, 'cat /etc/passwd'.  This will list all the users
> on the system, there will be a bunch of them, but you are looking for a
> username with a user ID of 1000 (the first regular user on a default
> install).
>         Once you have the username there is no really easy way to recover
> the original password, but you can change it with out knowing it, since you
> are the super user.  That would be done by 'passwd username'  It will prompt
> you to enter the new password twice, just make sure you type it the same way
> both times, and you should be golden.  Then logging out should return you to
> your regular graphical login screen.
>         I know this works in the default Ubuntu install and I would expect
> that it will work in the Xubuntu distro as well.  Just be careful, when you
> are root, you have the ability to make changes that will cause your system
> to be unbootable.  I hope this helps.
> Peter N.
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>    Tee Jay Rosene wrote:
> Yeah, it might take a little bit of time. I have an older IBM thinkpad
> Laptop (that I'm writing on now!) with 4 gig hard drive, 64 Megs of RAM, and
> A Celeron chip, and it took a couple of hours to install Ubuntu. When I
> installed Xubuntu on it, if I remember correctly, the installation time was
> a little shorter, so that's something to look forward to;) Kubuntu, on the
> other hand, takes centuries to install on legacy software!
> You'll have to type a bunch of information while installing, where you
> live, time zone, language, etc. and then the installation will just go for a
> while. About half/three quarters of the way into the installation, you might
> be prompted to click the screen resolutions you want to include with the
> installations. Basically Ubuntu will already have detected what your system
> can support, so you should only have to click enter. Nonetheless, if you
> leave your machine over night, go to bed, and are super excited to see your
> new system in the morning, you'll still have to click enter in the morning.
> At this point you're not that far from rebooting your new machine.
> After that, it's smooth sailing; you'll need to reboot your machine and
> everything should be a go.
> This is where the fun really begins...Customization, playing around, etc.
>   Gee, Thank You very much for pointing me to this one!!! Already I am
> installing the software (having done the selections. Now comes the fun
> part (twiddling my thumbs, and .......)
> The problem of RSDP resurfaced, and I tried to type in the command:
> ACPI=OFF, not knowing the proper Function Key to press for the command,
> without any success.Boot= (whatever ) comes up, and when I tried
> deleting the command after the "=" and gotten as far as ACPI= before
> being able to type in 'OFF", the system kicked in, and started loading
> the rest of the software. Now, I assume that this will take all night to
> install itself onto the HD?
> Don.   9;00 a.m. Finished the loading, now time to reboot. Hooray! It
> woiked...oh, shoot! forgot the login information. Lesson learned: Write down
> critical information. So, have to start all over again!
> BTW: if ever I forget, or, lose the login info, is there any way for me to
> get that info w/o reloading all that stuff, and losing any critical info?
> Also, how do I make a floppy reboot disk for emergency?
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