Xubuntu 6.06.1 desktop i386

Tee Jay Rosene teejayrosene at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 20:27:57 UTC 2006

> 9;00 a.m.   Finished the loading, now time to reboot. Hooray! It 
> woiked...oh, shoot! forgot the login information. Lesson learned: Write 
> down critical information. So, have to start all over again!
> BTW: if ever I forget, or, lose the login info, is there any way for me 
> to get that info w/o reloading all that stuff, and losing any critical info?
> Also, how do I make a floppy reboot disk for emergency?
I'm not too sure about the about the floppy reboot; I don't have experience with that, so I'll let someone else answer. 
As far as the log-in information, just use something that's easy to remember, and a password that you always use. So, for example, a user named Joe Blow will put "Joe Blow" as his full name. Then he'd put joe as his user name, and "laptop" as the name of the computer. (By default this is Ubuntu). Finally, Joe will put is password as jblow, something he uses all the time. 
The reason for doing this is to make changes, installations and all that fun stuff later on; it's one of the things that makes Linux so safe. 
So anyway, you'll be prompted to enter this info the first time you login——you can decide to keep your system startup password protected, or you can disable that option later on, if you wish. 
As far as finding that info if it's lost or forgotten, I'm not too sure if it's possible. It probably is, but that sort of info would generally be hard to come by, for various reasons. Perhaps someone will clarify this. 

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