Xubuntu 6.06.1 desktop i386

Tee Jay Rosene teejayrosene at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 11:33:26 UTC 2006

Yeah, it might take a little bit of time. I have an older IBM thinkpad
Laptop (that I'm writing on now!) with  4 gig hard drive, 64 Megs of RAM,
and A Celeron chip, and it took a couple of hours to install Ubuntu. When I
installed Xubuntu on it, if I remember correctly, the installation time was
a little shorter, so that's something to look forward to;) Kubuntu, on the
other hand, takes centuries to install on legacy software!
You'll have to type a bunch of information while installing, where you live,
time zone, language, etc. and then the installation will just go for a
while. About half/three quarters of the way into the installation, you might
be prompted to click the screen resolutions you want to include with the
installations. Basically Ubuntu will already have detected what your system
can support, so you should only have to click enter. Nonetheless, if you
leave your machine over night, go to bed, and are super excited to see your
new system in the morning, you'll still have to click enter in the morning.
At this point you're not that far from rebooting your new machine.
After that, it's smooth sailing; you'll need to reboot your machine and
everything should be a go.
This is where the fun really begins...Customization, playing around, etc.

Gee, Thank You very much for pointing me to this one!!! Already I am
> > installing the software (having done the selections. Now comes the fun
> > part (twiddling my thumbs, and .......)
> > The problem of RSDP resurfaced, and I tried to type in the command:
> > ACPI=OFF, not knowing the proper Function Key to press for the command,
> > without any success.Boot= (whatever ) comes up, and when I tried
> > deleting the command after the "=" and gotten as far as ACPI= before
> > being able to type in 'OFF", the system kicked in, and started loading
> > the rest of the software. Now, I assume that this will take all night to
> > install itself onto the HD?
> > Don.
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