Spyware, Malware, etc.

Tee Jay Rosene teejayrosene at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 20:33:44 UTC 2006

I'm relatively new to Ubuntu, and to Linux in general; I started
experimenting with Ubuntu about a year ago, and I've really started
using it a lot since the release of 6.10--it's the best one yet!
I'm curious to know whether or not spyware and adware are problems on
Ubuntu? I've read that Linux is pretty virus resilient, which is great.
I only hope it stays this way. But what about all the other malware that
exists out there. Is Linux more resilient to these as well?
Also, say there is a potential for malware, how does one go about
detecting it and then removing it?
Is there such a thing as CrapCleaner for Ubuntu?

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