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Sun Dec 17 14:47:36 UTC 2006

I think putting Linux in schools is a great idea and support the move
100% I hope to see more school boards, and government offices, etc. make
the switch. It is such a logical solution to the ever increasing IT
costs, and it provides users with choice, which is always a good thing.
There are way too many people out there who think that using a computer
is synonymous with Windows (or vice versa). 
There are also many learning benefits; teaching students that there are
alternatives, and the philosophical/political motivations behind Open
Source can only be a positive experience that is already much overdue. 
What I want to know is how we (as members of Ubuntu Canada specifically
and as fans of Open Source more generally) are going to help enable the
process of bringing knowledge and awareness of Linux etc. to those who
aren't familiar with this software? The municipal government where I
live, and the institution in which I work (a university here in Canada)
would definitely benefit from the use of Open Source. 
Any thoughts, ideas?
Tee Jay

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> I am a newbie to linux-ubuntu.
> I have been using it for the past couple of months and
> I like it.
> Recently I saw an article in one of the regional
> websites. Being my place of birth I am quite
> fascinated by the news. The news item is posted below.
> Thought I would share this info.
> Kerala schools to log in to Linux
> Wednesday, August 30, 2006 | MP
> The LDF government in the state is launching a
> campaign to promote free software like Linux in govt
> aided schools and colleges. Kerala's Education
> Minister stated the move as a campaign against
> monopoly in the software industry.?We are not against
> Microsoft and have not banned it. What we are opposing
> is monopoly and we?re going to encourage free
> software,? he said. The govt has proposed the usage of
> Linux software in 12,500 high schools.
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