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Kyle Vanditmars kylevan at
Thu Dec 14 20:25:59 UTC 2006

I've personally never used gsambad, however, I used this guide with
success.  I personally didn't use the WINS server part (that's like a
peer-to-peer version of a domain controller, from my understanding)
because my laptop isn't on all the time.

Provided you know what workgroup your xbox is part of, things should be
pretty simple.

Hope it helps,


On Thu, 2006-12-14 at 09:05 -0500, Master Cougar wrote:
> Hello,
>    Okay, I'm trying to use Samba, included with Ubuntu, but now having
> a bad old time. I installed gsambad, which I have to use in root mode,
> so I go into termnal mode and run sudo  gsambad. Well, the other day,
> it worked fine. I was able to connect my Xbox to my PC, but now that I
> have restarted my PC, I can't get it to work., What's the best way to
> check out wheter or not Samba is working? Also, When my Xbox is on, it
> is part of Samba, but my PC can't find it. I can FTP to it, but it
> won't show in my network neighbourhood. Help please 
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