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Dave Sullivan dave at
Wed Dec 13 15:07:43 UTC 2006

Hey Tee Jay!

Welcome to the community! Ubuntu Canada is an excellent place to dive
in. Feel free to poke and prod us, and toss in any ideas and
suggestions you might have.

We've got tons of things going on, so again, feel free to hop in!

On 12/13/06, Tee Jay Rosene <teejayrosene at> wrote:
> Wow, I'm so happy to see a Canadian group of Ubuntu enthusiasts! This was
> exactly what I was looking for, without knowing I was looking for it.
> I haven't subsribed to other lists because I was slightly intimidated by the
> sheer volume of posts, and not really knowing where to start. Around here,
> however, I think I'll feel right at home ;~)
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