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Brian Burger blurdesign at
Sun Dec 10 04:52:29 UTC 2006

Draft minutes from our IRC meeting this evening, just concluded a few hours

Meeting notes written up by Brian Burger (Madpilot).

1. Introductions
2. Getting ubuntu membership, how the locoteam can help
3. Existing subgroups and projects
4. New projects
5. Partnerships with existing Linux/FLOSS orgs

Present: (Name/IRC nick/Location)
Corey Burger/Burgundavia/Victoria BC
Cody A.W. Somerville/somerville32/Fredericton NB
Cathy Martens/dennister/Toronto ON
Tony Yarusso/tonyyarusso/Peterborough ON (for uni, but from Minnesota
Matthew Lloyd/ Phoenix7477/Edmonton AB
Justin Wong/stryderjzw/Vancouver BC
Brian Burger/Madpilot/Victoria BC
Jamon Camisso/jamonation/Toronto, ON
Kyle Vanditmars/kylevan/Surrey BC
Ben Hearsum/bhearsum/Thornill ON

Later Arrivals:
Dan/dabaR/Winnipeg MB
Dave Sullivan/lophylap (aka lophyte)/Toronto ON
Andrew Hunter/rexbron/Toronto ON
Daniel Robitaille/robitaille/Victoria BC
Chuck Short/zul/Ottawa ON

I think that's everyone, if I missed your name in the log, please let me

Corey opened the meeting with a discussion of getting Ubuntu Membership,
what it invovles and why it's something to aim for, with some related talk
about what sorts of things you could do to get membership. There are
currently not many Ubuntu Members amongst the Ubuntu Canada group, but one
of the purposes of a LoCo Team is to get more people more involved in
Ubuntu, and involvement leads, generally, to Membership.

There was a request for the ShipIt stats for Canada, which Corey can
apparently get for us. It was noted that ShipIt has become less generous
about requests for large lots.

When (hopefully at the next Community Council meeting[0]) the -ca LoCo
becomes an Official team, we'll be getting a large shipment of ShipIt CDs -
500, apparently. Folks interested in getting some should wait for an
announcment on the mailing list.

The need for posters/handouts/postcards/etc was mentioned, and mostly
referred to Ubuntu Marketing - these are the sorts of projects that can
benefit all LoCo Teams, not just -ca, so if we do it inside the Marketing
team, we'll help even more people.

There are several conferences coming up in Canada that could be of interest
to Ubuntu Canada; Corey has started a list of them on the wiki[1]

The difficulty of reaching rural computer users was mentioned; Cathy Martens
mentioned that there are some good resources from Volunteer Canada & Imagine
Canada on this issue (a common problem for all volunteer orgs).

There was a brief sideline on lobbying MPs & government about FLOSS -
working thru CLUE's [2] existing programs seems to be the best way to do

The meeting wrapped up (after almost 90 minutes!) with some talk about -ca
themed wallpapers or other artwork, a mention of the Ojibwe translation
project being started for Ubuntu, some talk about the upcoming CUTE conf. in
Ontario, and some offtopic political chatter.

Next meeting is TBA, but tentatively set for 2nd Saturday in January, same
time & channel. See the mailing list for more info.

I've left huge swathes of the discussion out of these minutes, but I think I
got the high points and basics. Please feel free to supply additions,
corrections or spellchecking as needed.

It was great to have such a good turnout to our first LoCo Meeting - thanks
to everyone who showed up, and hope to see even more next time!

-- Brian (Madpilot on IRC)

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