Help, creating ISO files

Bill Davidson harley7 at
Thu Dec 7 17:55:53 UTC 2006

Master Cougar wrote:
> On 12/7/06, *Bill Davidson* <harley7 at 
> <mailto:harley7 at>> wrote:
>     Master Cougar wrote:
>     You can do this from CD/DVD Creator. Just open it up, drag the files
>     there from nautilus, and click "Write To Disk". Then in the next window,
>     open the dropdown list next to "Write Disk To:" and choose "File
>     Image".
>     Then give it a name, it will add the .iso extension automagically.
>    Okay, I told you I was a clueless newbie, but how do I launch CD/DVD 
> Creator? I know it's there, because I can run it when I insert a blank 
> CD/DVD or when I right click on an ISO file I can open it with this 
> program. But it's not on my Launch Panel, nor is it in my Application 
> menu. 

It's in the places menu. Bad place for it I know...


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