Help, creating ISO files

Bill Davidson harley7 at
Thu Dec 7 14:20:23 UTC 2006

Master Cougar wrote:
> Hi,
>   It's me again, the newbie without a clue.  I've tried to find the 
> answer, but have not been able to figure it out. I want  GUI program 
> that works in Ubuntu that allows me to turn a folder of files into an 
> ISO file, that i can then burn on a DVD.  Help!

You can do this from CD/DVD Creator. Just open it up, drag the files 
there from nautilus, and click "Write To Disk". Then in the next window, 
open the dropdown list next to "Write Disk To:" and choose "File Image". 
Then give it a name, it will add the .iso extension automagically.


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