Linux Migration Headache

Pay Wahun paywahun at
Wed Dec 6 09:29:26 UTC 2006

Well since my subscription to this list, I have been hitting my head from
one side of the OS world to another. I'm currently using Windows and really
want to migrate to Linux but had found it difficult to do it 100%. I bought
another system solely for Ubuntu but found it difficult to part away with my
ACT contact manager, Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, Live Chat
softwares. I've tried GIMP but this is not a good replacement for PhotoShop.
I have had so many problems downloading and installing BlueFish, PHP,
Apache, MySQL and some Linux programs that I have given up hope of having it
installed. I think Ubuntu manual is good but not for some one like me who
wish to have a smooth transition from Windows to Linux. I'm spending too
much fruitless and sleepless nights to migrate. Could anyone advice what to
do to overcome these problems? Is there any simple way to start this
migration process? Linux may be free but it has costs me more in time than I
ever imagine.

Good things: Since I tried Firefox, I've never looked back and hate to see
IE as a browser on any system I use. Open office is fantastic - use it
everyday without a problem.
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