interest in NPO registration? facts? has this been

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discussed b4?
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Thanks Evan, Peter, and everyone else who's weighed in
on this. I definitely think the leadership of
ubuntu-ca needs to also consider these issues, and
perhaps follow what we have done? ie. the link to
clue's site? Could anyone get this to Corey's

Peter Whittaker wrote: 
>...the less trust, the more formal the Ubuntu body
> needs to be, and the more formal it is, the less the
sponsor is required for "heavy lifting"....
> BUT! IANAL, let's get knowledgeable friends/families
involved to make sure bases are covered properly.

Exactly, Peter, our bases have to be covered, as even
those individuals who know and trust us as individuals
will have to have THEIR bases covered, too, because
their bosses wouldn't like it if they just gave this
stuff away to private
friends/family/joe-blow-off-the-street. Let's see if
we can't make the 'lifting' lighter for our potential
sponsors/funders, and then we'll get more people
willing to listen and consider our appeals. 

Evan Leibovitch wrote:
> My point is that there are already resources that
> can provide occasional services of an incorporated
body, ... the occasional NPO 
> services this group requires could be fulfilled by
> one of the existing 
> groups with similar goals.

This is exactly what I was hoping for: a larger body
that we could partner with when needed. Now suppose a
business or nonprofit org we approach does decide to
sponsor us, who do they make out the check to? 

I've already looked at the clue site; is there any
other information in regards to the howtos of going
about collecting/signing, etc.? Forgive me, I'm an
ex-sales consultant, and I'm anticipating a favourable
outcome and want to be prepared to answer some of the
questions that we will be asked before we get a 'yes'.
If we want to have this first event in March, there's
no time like the present for getting our house in

And to give you a bit of my background, I currently
work at one of the major clearing-houses and research
centres into philanthropy, nonprofits, and charities
in Toronto. We even have one of the largest
private/public libraries on these subjects in the
country, so I have a wealth of information at my
disposal -- including how to become effective
fundraisers. So I agree, getting organized so that we
can become an effective organization is a great deal
of work.

I just get a little nervous when I hear, 'there's lots
of sponsorships and funds available.' Yes, there is a
lot out there, but there's also a heckuvalot of
competition for those resources, as it's not unusual
for an org with resources to dispurse to get literally
thousands of requests, like the ones we may be making,
on any given day. Otherwise there wouldn't be so many
charities complaining about the difficulties of
fundraising :)

But it can certainly be done, IF we know what to
expect and are prepared. This helps in that endeavour
of getting prepared.

Thanks once again. Now, Corey? I think it's important
for Ubuntu Canada and Ubuntu Toronto to be working
together on these issues, or at the very least, for
you to know what we're doing. 

C. Martens
aka Dennister

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