Dapper fubar'd after lastnight's dist-upgrade

Myles Green rmg57 at telus.net
Thu Apr 6 02:50:37 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 05 April 2006 15:31, Paul Apking wrote:
> Myles:
> I haven't experienced that at all after I upgraded last night. What
> hardware are you running?
> Laptop? Desktop?

I fixed the problem earlier by just creating the file and directory structure 
the system was looking for. I've rebooted at least twice since then without 
error messages. My hardware is getting on in years, an Athlon 1800+, 1gb DDR 
SDRAM and well covered as far as drivers etc. goes. I'm chalking it up to 
timing on my part, I chose the wrong moment to do the dist-upgrade. <shrug> 
It happens :)

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