Gearing up for the June launch of Dapper

scott sclewin at
Mon Apr 3 11:40:18 UTC 2006

Corey Burger wrote:
> As you all know, Ubuntu 6.06, more commonly
> known as Dapper Drake, is going to be a big release for Ubuntu. It is
> a major polish version and is supported for 3 years. There are no
> other Free distributions with this kind of support...
    I live in a town (Collingwood, Ont) with no specialized technical 
media, so I will be contacting my local newspapers, hoping they may add 
something about the release in June.  It is a long shot, but you never 
know :)

    Can anyone post a generic letter about Dapper, something that can be 
edited in my own words.  Even though I have a decent aptitude in 
writing, I have never wrote an article before, or even a letter to the 

Your friend,

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