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    at the moment we are discussing ideas about increasing awareness of 
Kubuntu/Ubuntu using the release of Dappper.  Below I have posted the 
original message from Corey.  I will be replying to that email shortly 

> Hello my fellow Canadians,
> We (as a team) have somewhat lacked purposed recently. I would like to
> end that with a bang. As you all know, Ubuntu 6.06, more commonly
> known as Dapper Drake, is going to be a big release for Ubuntu. It is
> a major polish version and is supported for 3 years. There are no
> other Free distributions with this kind of support.
> We need to get massive press coverage for Dapper. (Massive in this
> case would be greater than a dozen press mentions on Dapper's launch
> and what it means for the average joe.) The best way to get something
> into the local press is to write something yourself. Press love the
> local angle. so don't be afraid to talk about what you do for Ubuntu
> (and your local community). My suggestion would be adapt the press
> release with a short section on a local story involving Ubuntu.
> Who do we target?
> -the local tech press. This should be fairly easy. Most magazine and
> papers have a tech column. Make this person your friend
> -the alternative paper. Spin the underdog story here. Ubuntu (and
> Linux) is about grassroots people vs. large corporations (well, no
> really, but this can be played up). Just remember to focus on Ubuntu,
> not on MS or any large company. Talk about how Ubuntu empowers people.
> Again, make it local
> -small press magazines. Here it is best to write an actual article.
> These sort of magazines are frequently looking for good quality
> articles.
> -magazines targetting parents/educators. Edubuntu. Edubuntu. Edubuntu.
> Sell this like crazy. Talk about those cross platforms apps and then
> introduce Edubuntu. Explain all the great educational apps (for
> free!). Probably need to write an article, but they might run a
> shorter piece.
> For all of these, it is key that you write something and give them it.
> Represent Ubuntu/Edubuntu well. Don't dive too technical. Talk about
> value first, not features. ie, talk about time savings and ease of
> use, not that it comes with GNOME.
> Harness the power of the Ubuntu community to write things. Share what
> you are writing on this mailing list. I am more than willing to help
> anybody with their writing.
> I have also started a wiki page about Canadian press contacts. Add
> what you know to them. It is here -->
> Cheers,
> Corey

Your friend,

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