Myles Green rmg57 at
Sun Apr 2 23:45:10 UTC 2006

Daniel Robitaille wrote:
> Welcome aboard!


>>Many thanks to Corey for starting this project :-)
> Actually it was Alex (can't remember his last name right now) who
> started Ubuntu-CA  a long time ago (it must have been around the time
> of the release of Warty).   But Corey has been usually the most
> active/most vocal/ the guy with ideas person on this list.

Oops! I guess I got my facts wrong :-( Sorry to Alex about that and 
thanks to you for setting me straight :-)

Any idea of how many members we have so far? I'd like to become an 
active member of Ubuntu-ca, I tried with the overall Ubuntu community 
but was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of people involved.

Anyway, I'm glad to be here.


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