Myles Green rmg57 at
Sun Apr 2 17:55:07 UTC 2006

Hello Ubuntu Canada!

My name is Myles Green, I live in Calgary AB and have been using (and loving) 
Ubuntu since December of 2004. I've been using Linux since 1998 and recently 
have taken an interest in OpenSolaris as well. I also used win95 for a little 
while in 1997 followed by OS/2 but dumped them after about 3 weeks of Linux 
use :-)

I was on the main Ubuntu mail lists for quite a while but the volume on them 
was way too much to keep up with so I dropped them (except for 
dapper-changes) a few months back. Anyway, I was poking around on the Ubuntu 
wiki site for info on xgl and compiz and stumbled upon Ubuntu-CA quite by 
accident - but am I ever glad I did!

Many thanks to Corey for starting this project :-)

Regards, Myles

You're not my type.  For that matter, you're not even my species!!!

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