Where are the Ubuntu users in Canada?

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at ubuntu.com
Thu Nov 24 03:52:42 UTC 2005

On 11/23/05, Holiday <eholiday at gmail.com> wrote:
> Uhm - so ok if I'm  anglaise and living in Canada (hey it *happens*) then...
> All the links above are about how I get to say I'm French in Canada.
> It gets old, guys. It really really does.

well, since this conversation was about the map located on
ubuntu-fr.org, yes it is only about french-speaker Ubuntu users, since
that site is about the french speaking Ubuntu community.

But I'm sure you noticed that someone got the code from them, so
hopefully ubuntu.ca will get it's own Canadian-bilingual version  if
there is a demand for it, and if someone(s) spend the time to do it.


Daniel Robitaille

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