Where are the Ubuntu users in Canada?

MF MagicFab at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 22:21:32 UTC 2005

Daniel Robitaille a écrit :
>> After some research I got in touch with the right people and I asked
>> (and obtained) the "Canada" item in the dropdown list. See at the end of
>> this page:
>> http://www.ubuntu-fr.org/map/
>> Select Canada and you'll see what happens. :)
> do you know how to get added to that map? since I speak french, might
> as well try to get a little Ubuntu logo over Victoria :)
On 11/12 at 7:23 I posted this here ;)
> Here's how to be added to their map:

> http://wiki.ubuntu-fr.org//utilisateurs/ou_sommes_nous
> You basically edit/add an entry in the list, by editing the wiki page

However I added myself sometime ago and I'm not showing up.

Let me know if it works for u.



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