Where are the Ubuntu users in Canada?

MF MagicFab at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 12:23:34 UTC 2005

Andrew VanSpronsen a écrit :
> Hey, what does everyone think about a Ubuntu-ca frappr map? I was thinking
> we could use it to track Ubuntu users in Canada? I came across it during my
> nightly reading and thought it might be a neat tool for the group..
I prefer being independent from any service, and, well, /free/ :)

That being said, there's already a couple of Ubuntu maps there:

I added myself immediately and effortlessly to the "Ubuntu users around
the world" map at http://www.frappr.com/ubuntu - I plugged the Canadian
Team (check for "MagicFab" in the shoutouts). I think this can be used
to bring awareness to our resources.

Ubuntu has an official map, although not really zoomable and only
generated once a month (linked from the sidebar of planet.ubuntu.com ):

It's based on the Debian devs maps page:

The french users have their map, very nicely done with auto-centering
based on where you are and logos depending on your role in their community:

Here's how to be added to their map:
You basically edit/add an entry in the list, by editing the wiki page

Apparently, Google Maps is incompatible with Konqueror:

I guess asking for the code *and* having the french provide for french
users in Canada (which is already there, except no link to "Canadian
users"), would be nice. There's no contact information on the site,
perhaps some fellow Quebecois know them ?


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