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On 11/8/05, Mario Couture <mario.couture at rogers.com> wrote:

PS. my Dad usually puts his DVD in his DVD player connected to the TV.
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Not to jump on you, or threadjack or anything, but I have to say that that
particular comment, when said to a new linux user, sounds rather

Again, I'm not saying you meant this...I'm just saying that is how it came
across to me.

I'm new to Ubuntu, not new to linux. I'm not a contributor/developper, I may
become one someday. I decided to try and participate more as a user and
here's something I feel needs to be said:

We should be careful throwing out comments like the one above because most
users will shy away at this point, its like when you're out of shape,
overweight and you go to a gym your first time and all you see are fit,
toned people calling you tubbo.

Yes, I can watch a DVD in my dvd player, but you know what? I watch DVDs
more often on my laptop. If I have to reboot to WinXP to do this, that's one
MORE reason to boot into XP...given enough reasons, a normal user WON'T
reboot anymore...he'll just go to XP.

Luckily, I *CAN* play DVDs quite well in Ubuntu, but that's me. I can watch
a movie, surf the web, check my email and work remotely at the office all at
once (and I frequently do). The only time I need to reboot into XP is when I
want to play World of Warcraft (which is often) but I hear that's supported
in Cedega now, so when I get the chance I'm going to try that out...

Anyway, the whole point is to not discount the needs of the normal
users...it might be great that we can email, surf and code in linux and not
care about multimedia as much, however for normal users this isn't the case.

Normal users don't code, they don't create webpages. They email, they surf
and they game and they listen to music and they watch movies. They DON'T
reboot on a whim because its a PITA and the more seemless of an experience
we can give them, the better it is.

Ubuntu I think is AWESOME when you hold it up against that score card...but
lets be careful about the comments we throw out there when someone feels a
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