Ubuntu Canada CD insert

Brian Burger blurdesign at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 01:24:50 UTC 2005

-- I hit the wrong button and sent this before it was finished... --

The first draft of the Ubuntu.CA CD insert is done - comments more than
welcome, and if you want to use it as is, please feel free.


IMPORTANT: Evince and xpdf both seem to have trouble displaying this PDF.
Use Adobe Acrobat Reader for Linux to get it to display and print properly.
(This is a known limitation of both of the free PDF readers; I'm not sure if
Kpdf or the other ones suffer from it too...)

Couple of comments:

- the French side is denser than the English side; it looks a bit odd. As I
mentioned earlier, the French blurb is slightly longer than the English one,
so I had to tighten the line spacing to get it to fit.
- not all the cut marks are in place yet, but the two centre ones are the
important ones.

Should I use the Ubuntu.ca <http://Ubuntu.ca> logo in the background - with
the maple leaf in the centre of the Ubuntu circle - instead of the regular
Ubuntu logo?

Copyright: I'm releasing this as CC-BY-SA - but I'm not sure there's space
on the sheet anywhere for the copyright/license notice!

Comments welcome!

- "Madpilot" on IRC -
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