ANN: Greater Toronto Area Linux User Group Installfest June 4 2005

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Fri May 27 03:26:00 UTC 2005

On 26/05/05, Andrew VanSpronsen <avanspronsen at> wrote:
> I will be out of town but this sounds like a great event.  I think we have
> some other local guys though.  Are you looking for help/support from the
> group?
>  I have Hoary CDs that I could offer if we can get them to you.  How many do
> you have?  

For special events like those, I think you can special orders of CDs
directly from Ubuntu.   Corey:  Is that what you did for LinuxNW?  
But June 4th being so near, that's probably not an option here.  
Anyone has a sense how big that event is?

Daniel Robitaille

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