Time to regroup and move on.

Alex Combas alex.combas at gmail.com
Thu May 26 17:42:54 UTC 2005


On 5/25/05, Daniel Robitaille <robitaille at gmail.com> wrote:

> Alex?  Do you still want the job?  Anyone else wants to throw their
> hat in the ring?

Nope, I cant. Sorry.

> 4) Leader.  Do we want one?  Do we need one?
> The wiki page is :
> http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/CanadianTeamLeadershipVote

I still say we dont nead a leader. Leadership is a reflection of what a 
person has already demonstrated, so if you can show me a leader, then sure
make it official. I dont see a leader, so I see no need to appoint a
arbitrary person
to fullfill that role. My $0.02  ..so do whatever you like.

Otherwise though, I think you've done a great job with this email Daniel.
You've been here a long time and you've always been working for the groups
best interest and not your own, I would probably vote you leader if
you want it just
so that some arbitrary person doesnt get the position by default, but
I dont think
we need a leader and should simply drop the idea permanently.

And on a personal note, Im still on the mailing list, but if you wouldnt mind 
scrubbing my name from everything, I wont mind. Things are kind of ruff and Im 
not even going to try to juggle this ball until things get better.

Goodluck UCA.

Hopefully I'll be able to poke my head in everyonce in a while, but please
dont rely on me for work for now.

Alex Combas | alex.combas at gmail.com | irc:sabmoc

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