Alex Combas alex.combas at gmail.com
Tue May 10 21:33:44 UTC 2005

Hi guys,
Sorry its taking me so long to do anything...

Last Monday I was asaulted, Im going to be pressing charges..
Its a good thing I study Ninjutsu or I could have been seriously injured
but as it was I was relatively unhurt, which is more than I can say
for.. anyway.

Today I find that all my bank accounts have been frozen by court order.
My father is in the middle of a divorce and apparently his soon-to-be-ex-wife
felt it was nessisary to get a court injunction against me. Nobody I
have talked to
has ever heard of a son's account being frozen during a divorce. Weirdness...

Anyway, life is complex.
I need more time, and you'll just have to be patient. Or
alternatively, someone else
can update the site, get access from Matthias and use the template.
It should be very easy.


ps. I'll still monitor the mailing list so for those of you working on
could you please post some info on the mailing list, or a link, or something.
I dont want to see that project waffle.

pps. Dont let the lack of an updated site hinder you from doing
interesting things,
people are still joining the mailing list so lets get some dialog going and keep
things moving. Sorry Im not more help lately.

Alex Combas | alex.combas at gmail.com | irc:sabmoc

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