Inuktitut font, web presence and a name for the nascent project

Corey Burger corey.burger at
Thu May 5 07:23:40 UTC 2005

On 5/5/05, Alex Combas <alex.combas at> wrote:
> On 5/4/05, Corey Burger <corey.burger at> wrote:
> > After discussions on #debian and #ubuntu-devel regarding what licence
> > the font should be distributed under, I have come across this page:
> >, which makes
> > these fonts DFSG-free. So now we must draft a letter and ask for a
> > better licence.
> >
> > As such, I think we need some web presence for our nascent project.
> > Just a subpage of would be great for now.
> How about you throw something on the wiki, file it under ubuntu-ca initiatives.
> I dont have enough information to do a page on the subject yet.
> > We also need a name to work under. Thoughts?
> How about just "Project: Inuktitut" for now?
> Then we'll need project line: "Working to bring Linux to Canada's
> Inuit peoples."
> I felt kinda burnt out today and didnt get much acomplished with the site.
> My goal is to have it finished before or during this coming weekend,
> it shouldnt
> be too tuff to throw in a page for Inuktitut if you put the info up on
> a wiki for me.
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I will do so tomorrow.


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