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Mon May 2 03:39:30 UTC 2005

Anyone interested in discussing the website? :)

I know this is not the most important facet of the group but it seems like
people want something more done with it, and I agree.

Before we start to discuss images and colors and layouts we need to come up
with a good *strategy* for our site and by that I mean we must plan
the following:
* Goals
* Audience
* Intent

Here are a few thoughts on successful web design:

* user-centred: who is our target audience? e.g., a site targeted at
teens will be radically different from one aimed at investment
advisers. Do we have any idea what age group we are looking at as our
audience? Skill level? Do we need to worry about language? What about
accessibility for the blind?

* purpose: We should write a single sentence as our "purpose line"
that encapsulates exactly what we do and why we are doing it. We
should also have a one paragraph write up that goes into more
specifics. This is not something for us to put on the site, it is
simply a tool to help us clarify our ideas and focus as a group, and
it can and probably will change slightly over time.

* goals: The "what" and "how" of what our site will accomplish. Feel
free to shout out any ideas, no matter many and no matter how crazy.
We wont be able to do some of them but its good to have as many ideas
as we can on our list. (We'll refine our list at a later time during
the next step of the design process).

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