Canadian Localized Applications

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Wed Jun 8 03:48:21 UTC 2005

> > May we discuss creating Canadian oriented application preferances?
> > Such, as:
> > Firefox
> > - create a selection of Bookmarks for Canadian publications, news, etc
> > just a thought?
> That's a great idea -- does any other locality do this, or is there an
> ubuntu mechanism for such a localization?

not sure what the contains, but (and note the first one "-ca"...):

$ apt-cache search firefox | grep region
mozilla-firefox-locale-ca - Mozilla Firefox Catalan language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-eu - Mozilla Firefox Basque language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-it - Mozilla Firefox Italian Language/Region Package
mozilla-firefox-locale-ja - Mozilla Firefox Japanese Language/Region Package
mozilla-firefox-locale-ko - Mozilla Firefox Korean Language/Region Package
mozilla-firefox-locale-nb - Mozilla Firefox Norwegian Bokmål
Language/Region Package
mozilla-firefox-locale-uk - Mozilla Firefox Ukrainian Language/Region Package
mozilla-firefox-locale-da - Mozilla Firefox Danish Language/Region Package
mozilla-firefox-locale-tr - Mozilla Firefox Turkish Language/Region Package
mozilla-firefox-locale-af-za - Mozilla Firefox Afrikaans language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-ast-es - Mozilla Firefox Asturian language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-cs-cz - Mozilla Firefox Czech language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-da-dk - Mozilla Firefox Danish language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-de-de - Mozilla Firefox German language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-en-gb - Mozilla Firefox English language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-es-ar - Mozilla Firefox Spanish language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-es-es - Mozilla Firefox Spanish language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-fi-fi - Mozilla Firefox Finnish language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-fr-fr - Mozilla Firefox French language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-ga-ie - Mozilla Firefox Irish language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-he-il - Mozilla Firefox Hebrew language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-hu-hu - Mozilla Firefox Hungarian language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-nl-nl - Mozilla Firefox Dutch language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-pl-pl - Mozilla Firefox Polish language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-pt-br - Mozilla Firefox Portuguese
language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-pt-pt - Mozilla Firefox Portuguese
language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-ro-ro - Mozilla Firefox Romanian language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-ru-ru - Mozilla Firefox Russian language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-sl-si - Mozilla Firefox Slovenian language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-sv-se - Mozilla Firefox Swedish language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-tr-tr - Mozilla Firefox Turkish language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-xh-za - Mozilla Firefox Xhosa language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-zh-cn - Mozilla Firefox Simplified Chinese
language/region package
mozilla-firefox-locale-zh-tw - Mozilla Firefox Traditional Chinese
language/region package

Daniel Robitaille

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