Canadian Localized Applications

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Wed Jun 8 03:45:34 UTC 2005

> I am not sure I totally understand.  Do you have other examples than
> firefox?  We do have a links section on the website where we can store links
> to useful web pages.
>  Thanks!
>  Andrew
> On 6/7/05, Bryan Vandenbrink <bryan.vandenbrink at> wrote:
> > May we discuss creating Canadian oriented application preferances?
> > Such, as:
> > Firefox
> > - create a selection of Bookmarks for Canadian publications, news, etc
> > just a thought?

I think what Bryan is thinking, is a "firefox-ca" apache (or whatever
name it would be) that contains more localized info that goes into
Firefox, namely  bookmarks of canadian resources.

Daniel Robitaille

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