Voting time?

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Wed Jun 8 02:12:21 UTC 2005

An update on this voting stuff.  According to the schedule I had
proposed a few days ago we are now in the 2nd day of the voting week. 
Still no votes have been sent to the list.  Andrew has sent e-mail
supporting his candidacy over the weekend.  As for Myles, I haven't
seen an e-mail from him in ages.

Now back to your regular programming :)


On 03/06/05, Daniel Robitaille <robitaille at> wrote:
> I guess it's time to organize a vote.  According to the wiki
> (, we have 2
> candidates for the job of Team contact:  Andrew VanSpronsen and Myles
> Braithwaite.  It has been over a week since we have discussed this
> vote, so I cannot see anyone else putting their name forward for the
> job after all this time; but if someone else wants the job, please say
> so in the next few hours!
> So let's get this show on the road :)
> The voting rules have been on that wiki page for a very long time:
>     * nominees do not vote
>     * only members of the mailing list may vote
>     * voting will be done via the mailing list during the voting window
> We haven't decided on a voting period.  I suggest we vote next week,
> from June 6 (00:00 UTC)  to June 12 in the evening (00:00 UTC).
> Since our rules state that it will done in public via the mailing
> list, I suggest the best way next week will be for us to send our
> votes to the list with a big "[VOTE]" in the subject line of our
> emails.
> Personally, before I cast my vote, I would really like to hear from
> both candidates why I should vote for you.
> Daniel
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> Daniel Robitaille

Daniel Robitaille

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