A tale of 2 websites

Alex Combas alex.combas at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 20:06:40 UTC 2005

(Dogbert disclaimer).
This is in no way to be considered as volunteering for work of any sort.
Just clearing up one of the billions of emails I receive daily.
(End disclaimer)

Im of the opinion that we dont really need our own a wiki, but a forum
would be nice.

Forums are different than wiki's because a lot of the information is
not editable in a forum
enless you are the admin or a mod, so it can be worth it to have our
own forum so we can
have our own admins and moderators.

With wiki, you already have as much control over the content as you need, which 
is why I dont really see a need for a new Canadian wiki.

Also, I think we should use the ubuntu-ca.org domain, not ubuntu.ca
because we're really just a subgroup of Ubuntu and I think the
ubuntu-xx.org style domain better reflects that.

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