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Sat Apr 30 17:32:04 UTC 2005

On 4/30/05, Michael McMahon <michael.mcmahon at rogers.com> wrote:
> - Alex and a few others began this LoCo, and I thank them for this, without
> that start I would not be here either, we need to give credit to those early
> people for there work.

thank you
> - Some members felt that you lack of presence signaled a lost interest or
> lack of faith in our community.  I have seen this in a lot of open source
> groups that start off with a big bang and then people just do not have time,
> but will not admit it or keep fighting it so long that the group dies.

You are absolutly correct. And I am sorry it seemed I had left everyone hanging.

> - Some members of this community then decide that they would try to get
> things moving again, with no keys to the kingdom (website, mailing list).

Literally, within the hour that jdub sent me the email and gave me
access to our mailing list I had it setup and had sent a message out
to the group. I doubt it was even an hour, probably 10 minues.

As far as the website goes, yeah, I'll admit its not great. But at
least I did something.
Nobody else did anything. If I hadnt done what I did we would have
much less right now.

> They decide to do some research and come up with a plan to get us back on
> track, or at least refueled for another adventure.  

Nobody informed the mailing list. How was I to know what was going on?

> So what am I proposing?

First I want to settle whats causing this argument with Andrew. If I
dont stop getting attacked then Im just going to walk away and you
guys can do whatever you like.

But I think you have some good ideas there and its something we can build on.

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