About the meaning of a leader or a contact or whatever....

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Fri Apr 29 20:53:19 UTC 2005

On 4/29/05, Adele et Antoine Cottin <adancottin at aei.ca> wrote:
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> Alex Combas wrote:
> >> Have you ever see a community without any leader (or at least a
> >> guy who take decision for the group with the group) working, been
> >> alive ? This is totally UTOPIA, and sorry to say that but UTOPIA
> >> doen't work in this world. Even bugs world have leader ! just
> >> think about it ;)
> >>
> >
> > Give me one example of how our community will fail without a
> > leader. Maybe I am missing something.
> >
> The lack of leader will plunge the community in the passive mode. A
> bit of structuration will imposed some timelines and achievement....
> www.ubuntu-fr.org

How does a leader stop a community from becoming passive?
Being encouraging? Being excited? Being motivated?

Every single person in the community can do that!

So far we have discussed timelines and achievments 
as a group and it has worked. Everyone has an equal vote.

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