Discussion of the LoCo Teams at UDU

Ryan Thiessen ryan at ryanthiessen.com
Fri Apr 29 18:15:42 UTC 2005

On Fri, 29 Apr 2005, Andrew VanSpronsen wrote:

> Although there Team Leader has been replaced with Team Contact I have heard
> convincingly, from a number of our members, that their is a need for
> leadership on this team. To help draw on a line in the sand for where I
> stand my intention would be to continue to have the Team Contact assume some
> responsibility for leadership, direction setting, etc.
> Outside of the team contact I see a coupler of roles available. A secondary
> contact as Alex has described below. I also see a need for "project
> managers" people who will drive individual initiatives. Others
> roles/positions could be put forward to discuss as well.

It was my impression after reading that, that we could have any team 
structure we wanted.  Ubuntu just wants us to designate an official 
contact person, and we can have whatever structure we want.  So, let's 
have a team coordinator who will have a leadership role and be the contact 
person for Ubuntu LoCo.  Since the LoCo principles are still in flux I'd 
say we should start with 6 months and refer to the person as interim, and 
try to figure out a smoother way to do this next time.

Keep the dates on the wiki intact, I think.


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