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Thanks Daniel,

That is a great bit of info. 

Although there Team Leader has been replaced with Team Contact I have heard 
convincingly, from a number of our members, that their is a need for 
leadership on this team. To help draw on a line in the sand for where I 
stand my intention would be to continue to have the Team Contact assume some 
responsibility for leadership, direction setting, etc. 

Outside of the team contact I see a coupler of roles available. A secondary 
contact as Alex has described below. I also see a need for "project 
managers" people who will drive individual initiatives. Others 
roles/positions could be put forward to discuss as well.

On 4/29/05, Alex Combas <alex.combas at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 4/28/05, Daniel Robitaille <robitaille at gmail.com> wrote:
> > In light of today's "revival" of the Canadian LoCo team effort, maybe
> > this document from the Ubuntu Down Under Conference's wiki will be of
> > interest for people involved, or thinking of getting involved:
> >
> > http://udu.wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamProcess
> >
> > It's a nice (and really recent) summary of the Ubuntu LoCo teams.
> Its more than nice, its fantastic!
> There is no more team "leader" it has been changed to team "contact" but
> we still need to have one if we are going to be recognized as a LoCo team.
> So lets still have the vote and get this resolved!
> The document also mentioned that internal structure is at our discretion 
> so
> perhaps we should also discuss what type of internal structure people
> would like to see.
> In addition to the team contact I would also like to suggest the 
> following:
> one or two assistant-contacts = someone to fill in for the head
> contact when he/she is
> sick/away/unavailable/indisposed/dead/holidays/etc
> one or two secretarys = people who can try to be at the CC for our group
> and who can help keep things organized and alive
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