We need to move on

Michael McMahon michael.mcmahon at rogers.com
Fri Apr 29 01:06:12 UTC 2005


I am finally going to chime in, I agree we need to do some things to change
our course, or I think most of us will find other things to support.  I like
the idea of Ubuntu LoCo, and want to be an active part.  Without leadership
I will need to move on.  So here is what I seen needs done:

1 - Elect a leader
2 - Assign some new roles
3 - Begin presence overhaul (no sacred cows - technology or look wise)
4 - Work together and leverage our own skills
5 - Accept guidance from others
6 - be constructive when working together

Michael McMahon

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On Thu, 28 Apr 2005, Daniel Robitaille wrote:
> a lot of thing have been stalled recently because of Hoary's release
> and then UDU.  I suspect any LoCo "leadership" decision has to go
> through the Community Council,   but that aspect of Ubuntu has been
> very sluggish in recent weeks: only one CC meeting in the last 4 weeks
> (and that meeting didn't even have quorum), and none planned for the
> future yet.
> After UDU I suspect a lot of things will go back into a normal routine
> from a Ubuntu-Canonical point of view, including helping supporting
> the LoCo.

Thanks Daniel, for bringing some information to add to our speculation. 
Okay then, instead of what I suggested, maybe we should wait until the end 
of UDU to see what to do.  Maybe one or more of us can attend the next CC 
meeting and see if we can figure out the procedure for LoCo leadership.

But, what should we do until then?  Do we really need an official leader 
to do things or should we just steam ahead?  I think we could still 
incorporate Andrew and Antoine's work, and get more people on the 
planet, and just spruce things up in general.  Then when we finally get a 
project "leader", they can figure out where to move us after that point.

How does that sound to everyone?


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