regionalized LoCo's within Canada

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Thu Apr 14 04:51:25 UTC 2005

Hi folks,
Sorry, I've been away so long, but Im back now.. so lets see whats in the news.

On 4/12/05, Myles Braithwaite <myles.braithwaite at> wrote:
>  I would like to see sub-groups such as KDE, Gnome, PowerPC, x86, Office
> Work, Server, and others but only dealing with people who would need
> consulting in those areas. Not as far as a independent IRC Chanel or Mailing
> List, but maybe a page with documentation.

Hi Myles,
If eventually we find that we're getting so much mail on the list or so much
traffic on the site that we need to split things up into smaller
groups then we can
worry about that when it happens.
For the time being though the traffic is still pretty light so I dont
see the need.
I see some other people have more or less state the same thing.

As far as splitting along language barriers, thats a bit different.
There are many people
in Canada who feel more comfortable in French, so I think we need to
at the very least
mirror our site in French. As far as the mailing list goes I think the
best way would just
be to make it known that we accept posts in the French language.
English speakers
will be at a loss but I am sure that there will be enough French
speakers on the list that the
questions will probably get answered eventually.

How does that sound to people?

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