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Yves De Larochellière yves at
Wed Apr 13 16:51:11 UTC 2005

Hi folks,

Hi do agree with all those who suggest that it's a bit soon to go trough
"regionalizing".  The old italian saying goes well here: "Qui va piano
va sano, qui va sano va lontano".  Resuming: let's take our time and do
it right.

As for the french-english thing, well it's bound to come up, and up, and
up...  But we're used to that.  Eventually it will come to a natural
splitting, in time... ;o)

Yves aka Aladdin (Laval, QUE)

ps: Oh, and if someone's knowledged with HAL refusing to initialize,
pleeeeease come back to me at aladdin at!
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