regionalized LoCo's within Canada

Andrew VanSpronsen avanspronsen at
Mon Apr 11 17:15:13 UTC 2005

What do people think about creating more regional LoCo teams within Canada? 
I posed this question to Matthias Urlichs who agreed that it probably made 
sense. Ultimately it is up to all of us though so we can decide for 
ourselves. . 

Why regionalize? 
Canada is very large and our major population centres are separated by great 
distances. It is hard to build a sense of community in a Country as large 
and disperse as Canada. 
Social Events stand a better chance of bringing in the whole community
Easier to target the unique language/culture of our different regions
Community Support would be more localized

Why not regionalize?
segregate the community? regions would themselves be too small to properly 

We could organize by province, by timezone, or ?.

What so people think?

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