CanadianTeam update-0.02

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Fri Apr 8 06:01:01 UTC 2005

> Hi Daniel,
> I think thats a great idea! Thanks for volunteering. A weekly update
> should be plenty.
> Lets talk about what events we should monitor:
> * Canadian Technical Events, should we monitor if Ubuntu is not going
> to be there?
> * LUG meetings: should we monitor ever LUG meeing? Whats the point?
> There is no way someone in BC is going to be at a LUG in Ontario so do
> we need to monitor LUG meetings for the whole country? Perhaps it
> would be interesting. Any thoughts?

a bit late to reply (and my first e-mail to th brand newlist!)  I
think if we are going to be monitoring something it should be the
former and not the later.  I don't see the point of keeping track all
the LUG meetings in Canada for the reason Alex wrote.  But to keep
track of meetings where a significant number of Canadian Ubuntites
will show up is probably an useful thing.

I guess the first one will be Bellingham, WA soon?  And whoever will
have the presentation for that meeting: please don't forget to link to
it on the main wiki ( 
One of these days I want to do a small-scale Ubuntu presentation at my
workplace, and I want ideas for slides :)

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