[ubuntu-by] [Follow Up] Approval Process for the Belarus Team.

Antono Vasiljev antono.vasiljev at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 02:34:18 GMT 2009

Я к сожалению опоздал на сей процесс :)

Но лог прочитал и вам рекомендую:

<popey> it's probably best that one person leads this process, we don't
want to have loads of questions bombarding the Belarus guys and gals..
<popey> volunteer?
* czajkowski sits back and watches this time
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<popey> ok, keffie_jayx ?
<huats> popey, may be an experience people might be better
<keffie_jayx> me
<huats> ..
<popey> great!
<keffie_jayx> alright
<popey> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelarusTeam
<keffie_jayx> Anyone here from the Belarus Team?
<yltsrc> yes :)
<drakulavich> me too
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<sshd> and me )
<keffie_jayx> great :D
<keffie_jayx> do you have an approval aplication
<keffie_jayx> ?
<popey> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingApproved is the process by
the way
<yltsrc> yes http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelarusTeam/ApprovalApplication
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<keffie_jayx> ok
<keffie_jayx> you have been doing release parties for how long?
<develop7> me too
<yltsrc> we have release parties till 8.10 release
<yltsrc> * since :)
* Received a CTCP VERSION from freenode-connect
<sshd> we have some release party
<keffie_jayx> and it read that you have been participating with other
lugs from the regions, can you describe further your itneraction with
other teams in belarus
<sshd> 8.04, 8.10, 9.04, 9.10
<keffie_jayx> any pictures :P
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<sshd> keffie_jayx: in lvee, we connect with other lug from belarus
<sshd> keffie_jayx: lvee.org
<keffie_jayx> sshd:  what is your colaboration particularly
<drakulavich> http://picasaweb.google.com/antono.vasiljev/LVEE2008#
<JanC> LVEE sounds cool
<keffie_jayx> I ask about lug colaboration becasue your resource site
make no reference about being a LoCo Team
<keffie_jayx> unless it is not your site, just a refrenece site from
<keffie_jayx> anyone?
<JanC> keffie_jayx means http://linux.by/
<czajkowski> yltsrc: drakulavich sshd ?
<keffie_jayx> ?
<yltsrc> we have not lug site, but we have separated forum on
<yltsrc> and http://ubuntu.ru
<keffie_jayx> that's what I thought
<yltsrc> because most of us russian-speaking and we provide support with
russian team
<keffie_jayx> how many active members are there, and how many have
secured Ubuntu membership?
<yltsrc> i am not sure, but all of us, who on
<yltsrc> and maybe more
<keffie_jayx> yltsrc:  anyone seeking ubuntu membership that you know
<yltsrc> what do you mean?
<drakulavich> you mean ubuntu developers?
<popey> Ok. I am going to have to say -1 for now. I'd like to see a more
comprehensive application, one which meets the criteria set out in
<keffie_jayx> yltsrc:  ubuntu membership is for individuals that have
contirbuted considerably to the Ubuntu Community.
<popey> It would be great if you could improve the application with more
detail, reports and summaries of events before you come back to us for
<keffie_jayx> I agree with popey
<czajkowski> I'm also going to say -1, and would like to see more Ubuntu
participation evidence, but would love to see you come back in a few
<itnet7> -1, I do really like what you all have started though, and
would like to encouarge you to tread on
<keffie_jayx> I think your team has strated the process of consolidating
a team but you still need to make sure your team can be functional with
it's own resources,
<yltsrc> i think we haven't any ubuntu member
<keffie_jayx> the work you have done n events seems fantastic
<huats> Sorry guys but my vote is also -1. I'd like to have more pics,
and a clearer view of how you are exchanging on a daily basis
<itnet7> definitely, good work so far!
<huats> I do think you have done a good start so far
<keffie_jayx> yltsrc:  we hope to see you again in say 6 months time and
we can evaluate your progress
<huats> you need to continue !
<drakulavich> thanx, guys. We'll be back :)
<huats> drakulavich, we count on that !
<keffie_jayx> keep it up belarus
<keffie_jayx> :D
<popey> sorry it ended up being so late for you guys!
<czajkowski> drakulavich: good to hear
<popey> ok, thats the end of our meeting
<itnet7> no problem, can't wait to see good things in the future for
<keffie_jayx> sorry for that too
<popey> thanks keffie_jayx / czajkowski / JanC / itnet7 / huats
<keffie_jayx> alrighty
<keffie_jayx> minutes by me
<itnet7> ty popey !
<keffie_jayx> ;)
<popey> thanks keffie_jayx
<popey> keffie_jayx: you got the log?
<czajkowski> lovely jubbly folks ;)
<keffie_jayx> drakulavich, sshd, yltsrc see you agian friends.. :D
<keffie_jayx> popey: yep
<yltsrc> thanks, we'll be back :)
<huats> thanks guys !

Ощущения: очень жаль что опоздал. 
Надеюсь в следующий раз мы будем более готовы и все получится! :)

* больше сотрудничества
* больше великих дел 
* больше фоток

:) думаю мы сумеем. 

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Привет всем.

Хочу сообщить вам новость :)
2 декабря состоится мининг, на котором решится судьба LoCoTeam.
Собственно от меня, есть одна небольшая просьба, переведите плз. нашу
вики на английский, там, где это необходимо. Я бы сам с радостью, но
совсем нету свободного времени.

Отзовитесь плз, кто чем сможет помочь.

Заранее всем спасибо.

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Approval Process for the Belarus
Mon, 30 Nov 2009 16:30:50 -0430
Efrain Valles
<effie-jayx at ubuntu.com>
yltsrc at gmail.com
<loco-council at lists.ubuntu.com>


I am Efrain Valles and I wanted to mention that we have an upcoming
meeting for the LoCo Council scheduled for the 2nd of December at
20:00 UTC. we are looking forward to inerview you and see about the
teams approval. However I have noticed that there is no approval
application. Most of the teams records are in russian and we currently
can't read the teams wiki.

We require that you provide us with an Approval Application as stated
in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingApproved

We would be very much delighted to have you on the meeting next wednesday.

Efrain Valles
Ubuntu LoCo Council Member

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