[Bug 1918051] Re: CD-Audio Silent tracks when burning more than one copy

TJ 1918051 at bugs.launchpad.net
Sun Mar 7 11:21:04 UTC 2021

** Description changed:

  $ apt-cache policy k3b
-   Installed: 19.12.3-0ubuntu1
+   Installed: 19.12.3-0ubuntu1
  On Xubuntu 20.04 we've discovered a very strange issue. All but the
  first copy of a CD-audio burn result in tracks with complete silence.
  This happens whether we do one burn operation with "Copies" set greater
  than 1, or if we do several burn operations each with "Copies" set to 1.
  If we quit and restart k3b the first copy is good.
  We use K3B to burn CD audio newsletters for blind people. We master in
  Ardour and produce a red book CD-audio WAVe file (44k1, 2 channel,
  s16le) and CUE sheet.
  Until recently we only created a single CD master and then duplicated it
  on other equipment so didn't notice this. As the number of required
  copies required has reduced as our listeners switch to USB it is now
  more efficient to write the few CDs directly on the PC.
  We've analysed the resulting CDs and they all contain all the tracks
  with the expected lengths but those tracks contain silence. We ripped
  one of these and checked - the waveform is a flat-line at the zero
  crossing so it's not as if just the amplitude is affected.
  We do not use k3b's Normalise option.
+ We've done some research and found one similar bug report but in that it
+ is apparently due to UTF encoded characters in the source file paths. In
+ our case we have pure ASCII and no spaces.
+ "burns silent track when unusual characters present in path to file"
+ https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=424899

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  CD-Audio Silent tracks when burning more than one copy

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