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Have you  seen that information already?  You are going to be amazed,
read  it here  please

Best wishes, nolimits nolimits

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Well, if they aren't ready  then they aren't ready.  It's not like I'm
going to pull the offer. You  asked when  I wanted them done by,  and
that  was my goal. I have a  team, but I want to  replace my Garchomp
with  Landorus, Scizor with Heatran, and  my Gardevoir with  Thundurus.
If I can't get  them, though, the team  I have is more than a match  for
what  I'm expecting  to  run into. Last competition had people without
perfect IV'd Pokemon, from what I  heard.

I'm really not an unreasonable person. Or,  I try not to be.

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