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On 2006-06-04T10:52:47+00:00 carsten wrote:

Version:           2.0 Destroyer (using KDE 3.5.3, Kubuntu Package 4:3.5.3-0ubuntu0.1 dapper)
Compiler:          Target: i486-linux-gnu
OS:                Linux (i686) release 2.6.15-23-386

Well, this is not a real bugreport, but somehow I feel I want this to be documented...
Adept improved a lot in the last year, but the version in Dapper is missing one seriously important thing: Documentation!

There is not a single QWhatThis I found
... no QToolTip
... no man-page
... no manual
... the homepage of the author is not giving any information
... http://web.ekhis.org/adept.html is dead

I installed Dapper on the computers of two others, both are users and have no clue about things like "apt", "shell" and so on. The didn't understand the concept of Adept at all and finally gave up because they found no documentation whatsoever. This if for me a showstopper-bug, nothing less.
There is no "usability"-section in this bugtracker, this is why I filed it as a wish... Adding tooltips on the 20 most important widgets would help *a lot*.

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On 2008-03-09T15:58:10+00:00 mornfall wrote:

Yes, well, this is true. However, I have as little time as it gets, so
help with documentation would be welcome. I have been working on a 3.0
for some time now, which should address at least some of the usability
issues, but there are probably quite some left, and there's still too
little documentation.

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On 2008-08-12T17:25:57+00:00 mornfall wrote:

I believe the situation has much improved with Adept 3. However, this is
mostly a perpetual issue -- I'm marking it as needs volunteer, so people
are encouraged to step up with help text improvements.

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On 2013-09-21T04:44:50+00:00 adaptee wrote:

Adept has been in the unmaintained state for a few years.  Use muon[1]
as replacement .

[1] https://launchpad.net/muon

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** Changed in: adeptmgr
       Status: In Progress => Unknown

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  Khelpcenter missing docs list

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