[Bug 529696] Re: [SRU] brasero can't copy audio cd (useless error message)

Marc Deslauriers marc.deslauriers at canonical.com
Tue Feb 15 02:03:33 UTC 2011

SRU Request:

Impact: Brasero cannot copy an audio CD in Lucid and Maverick because of
an incorrectly detected cdrdao binary.

Brasero will try and determine if the cdrdao binary is the required
version by executing it and parsing the banner. Because of libao in
Lucid and Maverick, the cdrdao binary returns a warning before the
header, resulting in brasero thinking the binary is too old.

This has been addressed for Lucid and Maverick by disabling the version
check for the cdrdao binary. This is really unneeded as we know which
version of cdrdao is in the archive. See attached debdiff.

The Maverick SRU also contains a minimal fix for bug #718969.

How to test cdrdao detection:
1- Install cdrdao (apt-get install cdrdao)
2- Launch brasero, and make sure the cdrdao plugin is enables successfully.

How to test packagekit backend (bug #718969, Maverick only):
1- Uninstall cdrdao (dpkg -P cdrdao)
2- Launch brasero with an audio cd in the drive. Try and copy the audio cd.
3- Instead of crashing, brasero should launch packagekit (well, actually session-installer) and install cdrdao

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  [SRU] brasero can't copy audio cd (useless error message)

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