[Bug 486960] Re: Brasero disk burner won't get past "Preparing to write."

Aisano 486960 at bugs.launchpad.net
Sat Dec 31 23:05:00 UTC 2011

I have experienced similar problems, and I think they are caused by
previously mounted optical disks. In the past I used to insert DVDs and
expect them to be mounted (which worked fine) and ejected them by
pushing the EJECT button on the drive, expecting them to be unmounted
(they are not writable, so why not). The latter does not seem to work on
my present system (Ubuntu 11.11). When I manually eject a video disk
Nautilus (or "mount") still show it as mounted.

Worse, when I then insert a raw disk it is still displayed as the
previously ejected disk in Nautilus, while brasero displays it as an
empty disk. The latter only works while the "target" selection box has
the focus; it disappears as soon as I click on anything else. I suppose
that could be a problem of GTK, a system I never managed to understand.

I downloaded the current source package of brasero and noticed that the
main if-cascade in brasero-project.c (brasero_project_is_valid) has no
"else" branch, so some unexpected situation might get lost there. On the
other hand when I try to reproduce the situation I get the (german)
equivalent of "Please replace the disc with a supported CD or DVD". So
obviously brasero or, much more likely, Ubuntu thinks there's still the
old DVD in the drive.

I think it's this inconsistency that causes this kind of problems. I
dont't know why Nautilus and Brasero still think the old DVD hasn't been
unmounted, while brasero happily goes on trying to burn the empty disc
-- and fails.

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  Brasero disk burner won't get past "Preparing to write."

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