[Bug 512142] Re: pktcdvd module missing

pirx67 pirx67 at gmx.de
Sat Feb 20 22:35:05 GMT 2010

The same problem occurs on my system 32-bit Linux on an AMD-K8 (Linux
xxxx 2.6.31-19-generic #56-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jan 28 01:26:53 UTC 2010

I can confirm that the pktcdvd code is compiled into the kernel and
therefore not available as a module.

I have looked a little bit into the pktsetup tool's source code. The
pktsetup tool needs access to the "/dev/pktdev/control" device. To get
this device's minor number it parses the output of "/proc/misc" (see
'cat /proc/misc'). On older kernels the pktcdvd module shows as
"pktcdvd" but on my Ubuntu Karmic kernel it shows up as
"pktcdvd/control" in the list. Seems the kernel's output style for
"/proc/misc" changed.

Because pktsetup doesn't find any line with a name exactly "pktcdvd" it
assumes that the pktcdvd module isn't loaded and complains with "Can't
find pktcdvd character device". The message "FATAL: Module pktcdvd not
found." comes from the modprobe utility that pktsetup calls to load the
pktsetup module if pktsetup couldn't find the control device's minor
number in the first attempt.

I made a small patch that solves the issue with pktsetup. It relaxes the
way the names are compared when parsing the output of "/proc/misc" in a
way that it only compares the first 7 characters. Then both strings
"pktcdvd" and "pktcdvd/control" match and the device's minor number can
be detected.

With this patch the setup goes fine. But then start the weird things.
I'll explain these more in depth in the next comment.

** Patch added: "Fix search failure for pktcdvd in /proc/misc"

pktcdvd module missing
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